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Analog Vs Digital Hearing Aids

There are two types of Hearing Aids available i.e. the Analog and the Digital. To understand the difference between an analog and a digital machine we need to understand the mechanics behind their functioning.

Let us understand the difference between these two with the help of a simple example. Our brain can distinguish sounds of different frequencies distinctly. It is this ability which helps us to differentiate between a male and a female voice, adults and a child’s voice, a fan sound and the chirping of a bird and so on. In scientific terms, we can hear and distinguish between frequencies from 20Hz to 20000Hz.

When an individual suffers from a hearing loss, his hearing capabilities over different frequencies may be affected differently i.e. he may be able to understand low frequencies well but not high frequencies or vice versa and similarly various such combinations. Commonly, hearing loss is not equally balanced across the frequencies and therefore amplification requirement over different frequencies are different.

With the help of the above example, we can understand the most basic difference between an analog and a digital machine. A digital machine is designed to understand different frequencies and an individuals’ amplification requirement in those areas, whereas an analog machine is an overall amplifier which behaves like a loud speaker and has no understanding of any frequencies!

Judging by the above, we can also establish that analog machines do more harm than benefit and are often uncomfortable for the user whereas the digital machine can be adjusted as per the patients’ requirement thus giving a comfortable experience. A digital machine works on a nano-technology platform and is laced with Channels and Bands which help the device to understand and process sounds at different frequencies; this attribute is inexistent in an analog device.

The most complex pattern of sound is that of a human speech which is highly modulated and consists of consonants and vowels at all frequencies; therefore for an individual with a hearing loss we need to have a machine which can understand the sound much like our brain does and provide assistance where required.

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I had a severe hearing loss and HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic fitted me with a Completely in Canal hearing aid. Best Part is that I don't have to physically go to their clinic to get it adjusted. Using the Telephone Technology whenever I require adjustments they help me over the phone itself by increasing or decreasing volume.

-Ravikant ,Hyderabad

I was embarrassed during official meetings as I couldn't follow conversation and had to ask my colleagues them to repeat. Wearing a Hearing aid was getting more embarrassing, luckily HNR gave me the 100% invisible hearing aid which is as comfortable as my spectacles and conversation is as clear as natural hearing!

-Manish Mishra ,Pune

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