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Digital Hearing Aids

Digital Hearing aids are Computer programmed fully automatic hearing aids which serve as comfortable “Assistive Listening Devices” for patients with a hearing loss. Digital Hearing aids differ from their counterpart Analogue & Trimmer Digital versions in terms that these are able to recognize the sound frequencies in an intelligent way thus providing just enough amplification at the desired frequency level to suit the hearing loss. These hearing aids are programmed as per the loss of the patient where each level of the frequency can be adjusted at the most comfortable level using pre-defined channels and/or bands within a hearing aid. More the number of channel & bands more precise is the sound processing of the digital hearing aid.

Analogue Hearing aids on the other hand are no less than loud speakers which amplify each and every sound which comes to the patient thus creating a kind of discomfort for the user. These hearing aids do not understand any frequency division of the sound and behave the same for all frequency ranges.

Now- a- days with the advent of newer technologies in the hearing industry, digital hearing aids have become much more convenient for users. Herein there are technologies where one can listen to Telephonic conversation more clearly through automatic telephonic response features, increase & decrease amplification as per comfort using mobile as a remote and even to the extent that hearing aids have become intelligent enough to understand the difference between speech and noise, thus making noise reduction and noise management more smoother and efficient for the patient.

It is said that we can never match our god gifted natural hearing process, however with the help of digital hearing aids we are in the process of coming closer to it.

Our Testimonials

I had a severe hearing loss and HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic fitted me with a Completely in Canal hearing aid. Best Part is that I don't have to physically go to their clinic to get it adjusted. Using the Telephone Technology whenever I require adjustments they help me over the phone itself by increasing or decreasing volume.

-Ravikant ,Hyderabad

I was embarrassed during official meetings as I couldn't follow conversation and had to ask my colleagues them to repeat. Wearing a Hearing aid was getting more embarrassing, luckily HNR gave me the 100% invisible hearing aid which is as comfortable as my spectacles and conversation is as clear as natural hearing!

-Manish Mishra ,Pune

100% Invisible Hearing Aids


HNR Speech & Hearing Clinic Specializes in fitting of 100% “Invisible in Canal” Hearing Aids which a patient can apply and remove easily. The IIC is named Sound Lens and is a boon for all especially those who are in the corporate world! Read more about the Product.[ Read More.. ]

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