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Hearing Evaluation

As per a recent census report 1 in 10 people in our country suffer from a hearing loss, the number is staggeringly high and there is a need to conduct a thorough hearing evaluation for all. Unlike eye sight, hearing problem is often detected much later and even when detected people tend to ignore it till it becomes severe.

We hear over different frequency ranges i.e. from 20hertz to 20000 hertz and the normal limits of hearing expressed in terms of decibels is placed at 25 as per Indian standards. If someone is not able to hear sounds at different frequency levels up to the level of 25 decibels, then the individual is said to have a hearing loss. As normal speech conversation level is at 40-50 decibel, an individual with a mild loss is easily able to ignore his problem when it is at the moderate stage. Furthering the damage, the prevalent social stigma about hearing problems & hearing aids prevent the individual from getting his problem treated or even checked.